About Luxury Lad

Luxury Lad is a leading UK luxury lifestyle blog, covering the opinions of myself, JD. Exploring a wide range of topics, everything from theatre reviews to luxury travel guides, and fine food recipes. I aim to excite my readers with the things I’m most passionate about. Appreciation of quality and gratitude for luxuries is at the heart of my content: Welcome to LuxuryLad.co.uk.


Hey there! My name is JD and I’m the voice behind Luxury Lad.

I started this site after retiring from tech in 2021, and try to post often about the things I’m enjoying most in life. I’m always happy to chat; open to collaborations, guest content and product reviews.

Please get in touch using the link below if you’d like to speak with me.

What Luxury Lad loves

  • Luxury food and drink. From whiskey to blinis, Luxury Lad knows and loves good food and drink. Luxury lad regularly recommend recipes and products which will delight our reader’s tastebuds.
  • High-end fitness. Fitness is about more than just working out (although it’s important!). Supplements using the latest ingredients, as well as organic health foods are delightful.
  • Latest techology. Having worked for many decades in technology, I love to discover the latest consumer tech, including mobile devices, computers, as well as smart home setups.
  • Luxury fashion. The clothes we select determine how we feel. I love to talk about high-end fashion, as well as smaller brands which might not be getting the recognition they deserve.
  • Travel guides. To make my mind as broad as possible, I love to write about the place I’ve been to, and new locations I’d like to explore.