Boundary Smart Home Security System – Review

Home security should always be a consideration around the holiday season. However, it is so easy to get distracted when out shopping, running errands, and just being busy with family that you might forget your home’s safety. People are increasingly looking to technology to offer them peace of mind, and today we’re exploring the latest home security system and app from Boundary, one of the UK’s leading home security tech providers.


The Boundary security system comes neatly boxed in a cardboard enclosure, pictured below. The recyclability of this packaging is immediately impressive. Cardboard is used for the packaging of all the enclosed devices too, with little-to-no plastic present. Once Boundary is unpacked and set up, the boxes fold neatly and effortlessly for easy recycling.

The exterior branding on the boxes is also sharp, clean and easy to read, which extends to the enclosed instructions.

The Hub

The Boundary Hub is the first device which needs setting up, acting as the central station for the security system. It is easily turned on by plugging the included USB-C cable, and I mounted it to my hallway wall without any hassle.

Once powered one, I’m impressed by the brightness and responsiveness of the touch screen. I enter my wi-fi details with no more difficulty than doing so on my smart-phone and the hub quickly connects.

A firmware updated was required when powering on the hub for the first time, though this took less than 2 minutes to complete. Once downloaded I was prompted to next connect the multiple sensors and siren.

Setup and Sensors

Connecting the sensors is achieved by scanning QR codes, included on each device’s back with a smartphone. This is a nice addition and makes set up much easier than similar systems, cutting down on set up time significantly.

Within minutes both the door and motions sensors are ready to go; easily affixed in place with the included sticky pads and screws. Easy-to-read instructions made the setup process simple to follow. The quality of the sensors is impressive. Each feel weighty and durable. I have no doubt they will last a long time without fault.


The outdoor siren is the largest piece of the system, with a thick exterior to prevent any tampering with the device. It is completely wire-free, powered by several double-A batteries. Through the Boundary app, I was able to test the siren on several occasions and was very much impressed by the volume it produced. I have no doubt that my family or neighbours would be able to hear, and identify the siren from several hundred feet away.

Boundary App

It’s worth mentioning that the Boundary app is highly intuitive. Sensors can be assigned to each room in your house, with detailed logs and notifications for any changes to the system, when it was last activated, disabled, etc. Even precise temperature read-outs are provided for each room in the house – a wonderful touch. The Boundary system can be fully controlled using the internet, allowing you to set the alarm remotely, or check in on the latest activity from the sensors while you are away.

Furthermore, the Boundary app takes full advantage of your phone’s GPS to create a geofence. This means that you can be automatically alerted if you’ve left home without setting the alarm, or automatically do so when leaving your home. Adding new users the system was also quick and easy. I took under 5 minutes to get my partner set up with her key fob and connected into the Boundary system on her phone.

Key Fobs

Disabling the alarm when arriving home is easy enough with a 4-digit key code being the default, however also included are several key fobs, ideal for attaching to your keyring, which will likely be in your hand anyway when entering and exiting your home.

The only critique I have for the key fobs is the colour palette; grey and light blue, which isn’t to my personal tastes. The key fobs are available in the same white/grey tones as the hub and sensors, and with forsight, I would have ordered them in this colour.


For me Boundary has a few advantages over similar home security systems. Firstly, it was incredibly easy to install, taking under an hour to get fully up and running without professional support.

Secondly the responsiveness of the app is great, and a wealth of rich information is displayed every time I open it. In this sense I feel like I’m getting more than just security from the outside world, but useful insights into what’s happening in my home.

The peace of mind offered by the system as a whole is ideal for my property and lifestyle, and I look forward to continuing to use Boundary in the months and years ahead.