Choosing Perfect Coffee Glasses

If like myself you enjoy a cup of steamy coffee each morning, you’ll know that the vessel it’s contained within makes all the difference in the world. Similarly to how a delicious meal is elevated by a stylish and tasteful plate, coffee is only enhanced by superb glassware.

Double-walled Espresso Glasses

We start with the espresso glass, an obvious first choice for anyone with their own coffee machine. I’ve been a fan of double-walled espresso glasses for several years for a few reasons.

Firstly, a double walled glass, much like a bulb, features a vacuum cavity which prevents heat from escaping. This allows you to make an espresso, and leave it on your desk for quite some time before it become lukewarm. I will often make an espresso using a double-wall glass, go for a short walk with my dogs, and return home to the perfect espresso at the perfect temperature.

Secondly, I’ve found that double-walled glasses are more durable than single walled glasses. I’ve had several single walled glasses break over time, but I’ve never had a double-wall glass break on me.

Conical Glass Mugs

Conical glass mugs are another favourite, though honestly this is not because of any practical functionality. Conical glasses rise high, allowing the full depth of any coffee you’ve brewed to be fully visible to yourself or guests. This can make a drink particularly appetising, particularly when layers of milk, foam and even cream are present.

Coffee Tumblers

Coffee tumblers are another atypical choice which offer a nice balance between style and functionality. Personally I feel that tumblers are best used for cold brew coffee. Their form is ideal for drinks which are to be enjoyed slowly, where grip, volume and ease of use are all maximised.

Cappuccino Glasses

The classic choice for milky coffee. While I rarely use cappucino glasses, they remain a favourite for my guests, and the ideal choice for cappucino artists, due to their wide top. This breadth can make come cappucino glasses cool particularly rapidly. For this reason I would highly suggest investing in double-walled glasses.

How do you enjoy your coffee? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.