L.L’s Favourite Fine Foods of 2021

Indulgence for fine food has been a life-long passion of mine. I was extremely lucky to have a mother who lived through rationing in the 40s, so when our family did have delicious food, she made sure we all appreciated it.

Now many years later, I still treasure each meal I’m lucky enough to enjoy, particularly when it’s cooked by my own hands, using ingredients which I’ve sourced myself.

To this end, today I’m sharing some of the ingredients which have really left an impression on me in 2021.

Duck Confit

Duck is one of those rare treats, which I never seem to be able to find when “out and about”, which is odd, as everyone seems to love it. Rather than going another year without, I ordered these ducks legs in September and was not disappointed.

The fatty, gamey smell was enough to impress me the instant the packet was open.

My only regret with duck meat is that I came to it so late in life! I’m very much jealous of my grandchildren who adored the duck confit we shared this Autumn.

White Truffles

My experience with black truffles is extensive, however I’d been hesitant to delve into the domain of white truffles. I had heard their flavour was “more intense” which I found hard to believe, however was blown away when I ordered a few small white truffles.

While black truffles I had tasted before had hints of garlic, the white truffles really did carry that flavour in a more full bodied way; which probably led to me using less of then ultimately.

I only wish they stayed fresh for longer. Also, don’t forget to use a proper truffle shaver!

Almas Caviar

It’s hard to keep caviar as a rare treat when the internet makes it so accessible. Almas caviar is among the best in the world (it IS the best in my estimation), which makes it an easy choice for anyone looking to enjoy deep, rich tasting caviar.

Some have suggested to me that there are cheaper alternatives to Almas, but I see little evidence for this in the taste, nor in my research. Yes – Almas is expensive. Is the taste worth the cost? Without a shadow of a doubt.