Make your Holiday More Sustainable

You’ve been planning this holiday for months, and now you’re finally set to go. But wait—is your holiday really eco-friendly? It might seem like the last thing on your mind when packing for a trip, but there are many ways you can make your holiday more sustainable.


If you are driving, find out if your hotel offers a free shuttle service or car rental. If you are flying, skip the flight and opt for a train or bus instead. Even first-class train transport is vastly greener than flying.


-Stay in an eco-friendly hotel or resort that focuses on sustainability and practices green building standards

-Check with the hotel to see if they recycle

-Ask about water use before booking your room

-Pack a reusable water bottle for your trip so you don’t have to purchase bottled water

-Look for hotels that offer bike rentals for guests


-Try to avoid ordering a meal. If you do order a meal, try to make it vegetarian or vegan.

-If you must order an animal-based dish, spend some time looking for restaurants that are rated as sustainable.

-In stores and markets, buy locally grown produce whenever possible to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used in transportation.

-When traveling abroad, ask local residents where the best place is to buy fresh food.


When planning your trip, you might want to make sure that you’re not harming the environment with your activities. This can be done by staying in touch with what kind of activities are available in your destination. If you’re going to a place where there is a lot of wilderness, then you should avoid any activity that will harm wildlife like hiking or skiing.

If you’re going to a place where there is a lot of water, then you might want to consider snorkeling or kayaking instead of swimming in the ocean. And if you’re going on holiday to see animals, then go on a safari tour rather than riding an elephant or lion.


When you get back from your holiday, there are a few things you can do to make sure the trip was as eco-friendly as possible.

– Pack lightly. You don’t need to bring everything home with you!

– Recycle. Be sure to recycle anything from your hotel room and any souvenirs that you purchased on your trip.


Holidays are meant to be relaxing and fun, not stressful. That’s why it’s important to plan your holiday so you don’t feel like you’re being wasteful when you return. If you can plan ahead and think about your transportation, lodging, food, activities and homecoming, your holiday will be more sustainable.