Misco’s Artisan Chocolate – 2021 Review

I’d first heard of Misco’s chocolate last year from a friend, who bought a box for their partner and was absolutely delighted by the quality of the chocolates and their presentation. In revisiting my notes from last Christmas, ordering a small box to indulge in seemed like the smart move.

Today I’m reviewing Misco’s artisan chocolates, to find out what the fuss is about, and whether my friends and family would enjoy them this Christmas.

Starting with presentation, the chocolates’ plain white box is wrapped contrastingly, in a neatly tied black bow. The lid gently lifts to reveal a spectacle of colour which delights the eyes. A general scent of sweetness, nuttiness and cocoa emits from the box, inviting me to try one.

Misco’s Artisan Chocolates – Box of 24

I started by selecting a blueberry chocolate; a flavour which I don’t usually find in luxury chocolates. The taste of chocolate is easily overpowered by the blueberry, despite presenting the most open, watery and plain tones of the blueberry flavour. The after-taste is sweet, but not strongly so, with notes of the cocoa rising in my nose, but again, not strongly.

The next flavour, coffee, was a different story, which an intense flavour of espresso the moment I took my first bite. It’s nice to see each chocolate and flavour balanced against the inherent nature of the flavour, rather than trying to make their intensity conform to a standard that compliments the base chocolate – definitely a stand out in this regard.

My third flavour, the Dark and Goldleaf was perhaps the most visually impressive, but did not impress on flavour. I am however, not a fan of dark chocolate so this probably my own taste, rather than any misjudgement from Misco’s.

With many more of Misco’s chocolates to enjoy over the coming days, I’ll certainly be spoilt for choice in the run up to Christmas. Misco’s definitely offer something exciting and different to the chocolatiers I’m used to, and I’ll be certain to place an order for my wife before the end of this week (what a good job she doesn’t read this!).