Philips Hue Play – 2022 Review

Smart lighting is increasingly in vogue, not only for its functional benefits, but for its beautiful ability to enhance a room or entertainment area. Philips Hue has been my personal favourite smart lighting system for some years now, offering a wide range of both colour and white light LED lights, all of which integrate effortlessly with my smartphone, PCs and TVs.

Today we’re looking at the Philips Hue Play, a perfect way to get started with the Philips Hue ecosystem.

Using the Hue Play

The Hue Play is in my opinion best used in combination with a TV screen or desktop monitor. By positioning each light just behind the monitor to the left and right, facing backwards, vibrant ambient colour paints the wall behind the screen. In combination with accompanied Hue software, the Play lights can be synced to whatever is happening on screen.

Watching an action movie? Enjoy bursts fiery of light, enhancing the epic fight you’re watching on screen. Watching a documentary about sea-life? Relax as your room is bathed in deep blue tones which make you feel like you’re 20 leagues under yourself. This effect is perfect for video games also. The colour and brightness changes are rapid, allowing it sync up nicely with fast paced games, providing a rich sense of immersion.


The Hue Play has a few features which really stand out.

Firstly, the pair is designed to have a 10-year lifespan, alleviating concerns than the LEDs might “burn out” or fail over time.

Secondly, is the energy consumption: with an A+ rating, these lights consume such a small amount of electricity that it’s almost trivial to power them.

Finally, the brightness: rated for 530 lumens the two Play lights are bright enough to be admired even in larger rooms, where they have little difficulty filling large walls with light.


Beyond the visual spectacle, these lights, and the Hue ecosystem more broadly help you to schedule your lighting wonderfully. I myself have the Hue Play scheduled to turn on at 7am each morning, and slowly fade at 11pm each night. These schedules are all easily controlled from the Hue mobile app, which itself a pleasure to use.

Final thoughts

To get even more out of my Hue Play, I’ve also installed several Hue colour changing bulbs in my entertainment area. These are rated at an even greater 806 lumens, and are situated on the ceil above, offering broad illuminated for the whole rooms, while the Hue Play paints specific tones on the wall. All-in-all I’m very impressed with Philips Hue smart lighting ecosystem, and imagine I will continue to use them for many years to come.