Rocket Espresso Appartamento – 2021 Review

The wish to have barista-quality coffee from home is a common one, which I share.

In the spirit of this, today I’m review the Rocket Espresso Appartamento coffee machine.

On opening the box, I was excited to see the machine itself. All the previews I had seen before had shown abeautiful chrome exterior and I was not dissapointed. Not only is the chrome tasteful, but it should make cleaning the machine a dream. The E61 group head also looks fantastic, and sets it apart from other machines I’ve used – a very professional feel.

Rocket performs admirably in terms of presentation. Many brands package miscellaneous products in a variety of ways.
Rocket chose to have lovely packaging, with all of the machine‘s accessories inclued neatly.

Included are these clipped on grips to manipulate the hot steam and water wands. I usually take them off and put them in a drawer, but if you want your fingers to get scorched, you can keep them on.

Size wise, it’s not at all bulky. I have several spaces in my kitchen where the Appartamento could fit, and will be exploring each to find what works for me. Rocket takes use of every possibility to make this machine as little as possible by placing short yet noticeable feet on the bottom.

In turning on and using the machine for the first time, I was somewhat suprised by the volume of the pump, though it isn’t overly loud.

I also do not own an electric coffee grinder. In this first instance, I used my hand-held grinder, but think I will need to invest in an electric grinder in coming months given the volume of grounds the machine requires.

Drinking my coffee black, I didn’t test the milk frother, and will have to update you once I’ve had a chance to use it.

All-in-all I’m very impressed with the unit, and look forward to many mornings of pleasure from the Appartamento.