Social Media Statement

Luxury Lad focuses almost exclusively on organic traffic acquisition. This allows us to meet our audiences when they are most in need of the information which we are able to provide them. This also supports our affiliates and partners, by generating leads from highly engaged users, who are already in the process of exploring their sector, products or services.

While many of us enjoy staying connected on social media, multiple studies from authoritative institutions have found a strong link between heavy social media and an increased risk for depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. This is reflected in rising rates of mental health issues for both children and adults in the UK, and across the world. Most social media apps and sites use content targeting algorithms that maximise their own use and profits: not the well-being of their users.

For these reasons Luxury Lad does not engage with social media. It is highly likely that use of social media platforms by businesses will be looked back on by future generations as intrusive and unethical; much in the same way we find it abhorrent that schools and doctors promoted smoking in the 20th century.

This forms a small part of the conversation of how we can make eCommerce a more ethical industry in the future. We hope that other businesses and organisations join us as this decade progresses, in detatching from unethical social media platforms and practices.

Best wishes,