Favourite Supplements, for Body and Mind

I’ve been a daily user of supplements for decades now, and continue to regularly update my cabinet with new additions each year. With good health being so important over the past year or so, I’ve definitely spent a little more time researching to find the most efficacious choices. Today we’re exploring my favourite supplements of the past few months.

NMN + Resveratrol

NMN and resveratrol have come to the attention of many in the past year. NMN itself is a precursor to NAD, which is considered to be associated with cell repair and slowing down the speed of aging. The resveratrol itself increases to bio availability and thus the effectiveness of the NMN.

Having taken this for 6 months now, I’m happy to say that NMN + Resveratrol is a winner. My energy levels are significant increased, and my overall complexion and skin tone seems to be smoother.

In regard to the “anti-aging” effects, it may be some months more before I’m able to comment! Watch this space for an update in later down the line.

Vitamin C and Zinc

Getting the basics right is essential, and high levels of Vitamin C and Zinc help your immune system to thrive.

This is one of been taking daily since Winter 2019, and anecdotally can tell you I’ve not had a bad cold since.

While this combo is available from a range of suppliers, my favourite has been Nutravita. While some Vitamin C supplements contain sweeteners or peculiar bulking agents, these are clean an easy to shallow without concern.

Turmeric and Black Pepper

Turmeric and black pepper have been become a very well-known supplement in recent years. I’m sure you’re already familiar with their ability to reduce inflammation and enhance neurogenisis, so won’t retread old ground here.

While available in pill and capsule form, personally I simply pour out turmeric powder each morning, accompanied by black pepper, and “shot” the mixture with a glass of water; trying to hold my nose in the process.

Really no need to cash out for expensive supplements here, when the same effects can be achieved for pennies of ingredients.
If you prefer a capsule form however, again Nutravita offer a great supplement here.


Choline has been a regular for a few weeks now, and so far I’m enjoying it very much. Mixing this crystalline powder with water produces very little taste and it goes down effortlessly.

Supporting memory and mental function, I adore choline for reduction of brain-fog I sometime experience halfway through the day, where I might otherwise take a siesta if on the continent.

Choline is also reduced by use of alcohol, so if you enjoy the odd glass of Whiskey like myself, it’s definitely one to explore.


Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, meaning it is believed to help the body resist stress, both physical and mental. It does this by reducing cortisol (stress hormone), and studies have now demonstrated significantly greater reductions in cortisol in Ashwagandha users, than control groups.

In addition, Ashwaghanda may help with brain function, overall inflamation and testosterone levels, though as with all supplements – you should do plenty of research yourself, as science can take a long time to arrive at definite answers.