Philips Hue Play – 2022 Review

Smart lighting is increasingly in vogue, not only for its functional benefits, but for its beautiful ability to enhance a room or entertainment area. Philips Hue has been my personal favourite smart lighting system for some years now, offering a wide range of both colour and white light LED lights, all of which integrate effortlessly with my smartphone, PCs and TVs.

Today we’re looking at the Philips Hue Play, a perfect way to get started with the Philips Hue ecosystem.

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Sonos Roam – 2022 Review

Sonos has been in the wireless speaker game for quite some time, and is well known for their high-quality pieces. They very recently released the Sonos Roam which they proudly claim to be “the most compact speaker on the planet.”

Designed to go anywhere, it’s perfect if you don’t want it to take up space in your adventure bag. But how does this new speaker fare? Let’s find out.

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Boundary Smart Home Security System – Review

Home security should always be a consideration around the holiday season. However, it is so easy to get distracted when out shopping, running errands, and just being busy with family that you might forget your home’s safety. People are increasingly looking to technology to offer them peace of mind, and today we’re exploring the latest home security system and app from Boundary, one of the UK’s leading home security tech providers.

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Monitor Refresh Rates – Choosing Luxury Visuals

Having worked at a workstation computer for many years, I know the importance of quality work equipment. Whether it’s the chair, desk, keyboard, mouse or monitor, an investment in your desktop pays dividends for years to come.

Today we’re looking specifically at monitors. With so many considerations, from size and resolution, to refresh rate and colour, it can be hard to understand what’s important when buying a new desktop monitor.

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