Wedgwood Renaissance Gold Tea Set – Review

Wedgwood’s iconic British tableware has been a delight for many years. My grandmother was a purveyor of Wedgwood china, so I knew about the quality of their teapots from a young age.

Today I’m reviewing the Wedgwood Renaissance Gold Tea Set, which arrived this morning, charmingly packaged in a neat Wedgwood gift box.

The first thing that strike you about these pieces from Wedgwood is the ornate gold trimming. I’m told that these are inspired by the Scottish neoclassicist Robert Adam.

While not similar, this design reminds me of the Anthemion tea range from Wedgwood. Another obvious brother to these ranges would be the Arris set, however none yet impress me as much as the Wedgwood Vera Wang pieces I’ve seen, which use gold trimming in the most ornate ways.

Because bone china is so hardy, this tea set is entirely suitable for machine washing which is a delight. I’ve carefully handled antique tea sets in my time, and knowing that these pieces are all very durable is reassuring.

Wedgwood Renaissance Gold Tea Set

Using the tea cups, the balance of heat is good, with little-to-no heat transfering to the handles. The base of each cup is relatively wide, making balancing the cups easy in all circumstances.

I’m certain that once my wife sees the set, she’ll be eager to elevate it to some cabinet or podium to be displayed; and given how lovely it looks, I shan’t stop her.

With Christmas quickly approaching, fine bone china from Wedgwood is certainly a good present choice for your loved ones. Fine china can last for many decades, even centuries in excellent condition, making it a wise investment too.

The Renaissance Gold set will be going into the cupboard for some weeks now – with certainty that it’ll be retrieved to impress guests on Christmas day.